Nebraska Children's Home Society

Founded in 1893, Nebraska Children’s Home Society provides safe and loving care to children of all ages. We help women and teens navigate through unplanned pregnancies, offer early intervention programs, provide teens with pregnancy prevention education, ensure that children begin school ready to learn and build adoptive families. Our staff are on the front lines of children services providing quality care and support to caregivers, so that Nebraska’s children reach their full potential.

We remain the only agency in the U.S. that does not charge fees for adoption. Our desire to see every family thrive drives us to seek innovative solutions to new challenges in our communities. As part of a portfolio of projects within Frontiers of Innovation, the research and development platform of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, we are collaborating to support breakthrough outcomes for children.

President/CEO Lana Temple-Plotz

President/CEO Lana Temple-Plotz

Years Founded: 1893
Who We Serve: 9,478 children and individuals
What We Do:

  • Early learning and early childhood

  • Adoption with pre and post support

  • Foster and kinship care

  • Behavioral health

  • Parent, caregiver and kinship support

  • Youth programs

  • School-based programs