Children's Service Society

Children’s Service Society is helping children find home again. Since 1884, Children's Service Society has been working to create safe, stable and nurturing environments for children to thrive and be happy.  Starting as a day nursery for the working poor, Children's Service Society quickly added adoption services for the needs of the time. Today, Children's Service Society offers services including kinship care, adoption, parental in-home mentoring and childcare support services.

At the heart of Children's Service Society is the knowledge that kids do best when raised by a family member. Caregivers in grandfamilies or kinship homes as well as adoptive parents,often need support and help with parenting traumatized children, counseling services, access to legal and financial resources, and more. Children's Service Society is their welcoming solution.

Executive Director Encarni Gallardo

Executive Director Encarni Gallardo

Year Founded: 1884
Who We Serve: Nearly 5,500 children and families
What We Do: 

  • Early learning and early childhood

  • Adoption with pre- and post-support

  • Behavioral health

  • Parent, caregiver and kinship support

  • Prenatal, pregnancy and maternity support