The Family Partnership (TFP), serving Minneapolis, Minnesota is CHSA’s newest member organization. “We are really excited about being members of Children’s Home Society of America because the reputation of doing cutting edge work and partnering around the nation is just what we were looking for,” Dianne Haulcy, TFP President and CEO. TFP received an invitation to join and Board approval in September 2023. 

TFP is described as the leader in closing opportunity and achievement gaps for children and families living in poverty in Minneapolis and the state by providing high impact, multicultural services, building powerful community partnerships, and changing public policy. Over its 145-year history, TFP has partnered with families to remove barriers and clear the path for success in the face of the effects of deep poverty and trauma. In keeping with CHSA’s membership criteria, TFP is a multi-service organization that is engaged in policy and systems change. The children and families in their community can access mental health therapies, early childhood education opportunities, family home visiting and anti-sex trafficking interventions. 

Nationally, TFP is a member of Aspen Ascend’s network of partners using the 2Gen Approach to focus on building and sustaining gains for whole families, and a leader in infusing brain science into practice and policy. TFP’s initial connection with CHSA was through an innovation partnership project with the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University to explore the impacts of its Executive Functioning Across Generations curriculum – a 2Gen approach that sets children on the path to becoming executive functioning superstars in preschool settings and supports their parents in championing their children’s brain development at home. “Every child who breathes the air in this country deserves the opportunity to develop their mind, body and spirit in an environment free of toxic stress,” John Till, TFP Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation and a leading developer of the curriculum.

TFP’s original curriculum is one of an array of evidence-based and evidence-informed practices and programs that TFP deploys to achieve its mission. Like many CHSA member organizations, their program offerings include Healthy Families America ® and Mobility Mentoring ®. CHSA’s Board, members and staff are delighted to welcome TFP into the national network to represent the state of Minnesota.