Our Members

Who We Are

CHSA is a powerful hive-mind for change. Our strength is our values-aligned network, which is comprised of one primary member organization in each state. Our work is transformational – we marry science and sentiment with action to affect practices, policies and systems in our states and across the nation.

United by Shared Values

CHSA offers many opportunities to accelerate member organizations’ excellence in strategic areas that ultimately advance child, family and community well being such as:

  • mission impact
  • innovation
  • advocacy at state, local and national levels
  • advancing equity/diversity/inclusion
  • problem-solving the “impossible”

This work seeks to support member organizations’ CEOs and senior staff.

Our Strength Is In Our Network

For more than a century, the national network has worked to positively shape the settings and environments where children and families live, grow, learn, play and work. Its unparalleled strength lies in the space it creates for executives and senior leaders to trust and support one another in an open, noncompetitive environment. Our network includes:


 Member Matters

A webinar series designed for CHSA member organizations, Member Matters features guest speakers or member colleagues who share exemplary solutions to common challenges. These virtual learning opportunities convey actionable ideas, useful insights and the opportunity for generative discussion.

Member Characteristics

CHSA Members share a commitment to change an innovation, working to find solutions to tough challenges.

What sets CHSA members apart:

  • Open Dialogue: We value constructive dissatisfaction and the freedom to express opinions with peer members
  • Quick on Our Feet: We are systems thinkers using an ecological approach
  • Family-Centered: We are genuinely committed to improving child and family well-being, and to collaborating with families and children to elevate their interests
  • Rooted in Community: With a deep history with the child welfare system are accredited and multi-disciplinary (child welfare, behavioral health, early childhood development)
  • Effective Governance: Wield strong administrative capacity, financial controls and board members who deliver strong oversight and valuable connections

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How To Join

If you are interested in referring a prospective organization for CHSA membership, please complete this referral form for review by CHSA’s Governance & Membership Committee.  Self referrals are accepted.